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Indian Lake Regatta update:


There are nine boats on the starting line, with five off lake boats sailing. It sounds like a shootout Between Joe Ewing and Aaron Lynn with both boats winning two races. Keith better jump a red eye for tomorrow.


Top four are Lynn, Ewing, Monsma, Bolles.


Good luck someone wins the regatta toight and someone loses it tonight. Be that someone.

Lighthouse Regatta Results

Regattas 2017


2017 I20 Regattas:

Cherry Blossom 
Washington DC 
April 29-30

Lighthouse Regatta
Fond du Lac, WI
June 3-4

Indian Lake Regatta
Indian Lake, OH
June 24-25

NISSA Regatta
Lake Wauwasee, IN
Sept. 15-17

New Officers


Your new secretary treasurer is Steve Catlin. He has been sailing in the class since age 12 when he won his first ILYA Championship. A tough sailor who is always in the front of the fleet at the end. Congrats Steve.

Vice Commodore

Your new vice commodore is Kenny Bolles from Wawasee Indiana. Kenny is a long time scow sailor with plenty of years in any and all scows. He currently is the driving force behind the Wawasee fleet. Besides VC Kenny is also the ILYA representative for the class. You will see Kenny on the course in Bolles I.

Good Luck Kenny!

Your 2016 National Champion

Ben Herdrich and Rob Quiesser are your 2016 Champions. In perhaps one of the best regattas of the past 10 years all seven races were sailed in sunny windy conditions, a couple races dropped down windspeed wise at the end but it was action all the way.


There were 19 boats in attendence from most all of the fleets and we had a good mix of sailors. The venue of course was Green Lake and what more could you ask for. We had the lake to ourselves for three days.


There will more information about the regatta coming up. But Thank You to the GLYC the regatta chairs Mimi Hayashi and Maureen Bohleber it was great to get all the gear and the food was great. Thanks to the sponsors AO Smith and also Windward Boatworks for their generiosity.

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