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Is Bigger always Better?


One of the funny loopholes in the Inland 20 Scantlings is the girth of the spinnaker. The reason I bring this up, is that someone mentioned at Nationals this year how stupid everyone was to have the cut of spinnakers that most sail now. After listening a while it became evident that people/sailmakers thought we lived in the dark ages. So this year we were again exposed to the Maxy (at 2017 Nationals) as we called it back in the day. 


Does it work? I do know when it was sailed at the ILYA Invite in 2007 it never saw the light again in a regatta. It was big like biggly big. However, it did not translate into something that did not have limitations, light air and big air were issues. It was to say a One Trick Pony.


Lets hope technology has made improvements.


PS That is a picture of Miss Maxy

2018 Nationals at Indian Lake?


How cool is that. Could we be going back there next year? Its one of the choices for the Nationals for next year along with Madison Wi. I think Indian Lake would be way cool though.


Its been a long time since we have sailed there, lets go back.

There's a new boss in town

Congratulations to the first ever Wawasee I-20 Commodore!


Kenny Bolles is our new commodore and things are getting exciting to say the least. In the last 36 hours three boats have been purchased, one brand new owner, a few upgrading and so people are feeling the love now. Way to go and best of luck Kenny!


PS Looking good Brother Bob

That's a spectator boat!

2017 Inland 20 Nationals

What a great weekend in Indiana for one and all. Your new champion is Aaron and Keith, this is such a nice sendoff for Keith as he has been such a strong part of this team for many years. They are in the process of moving west and all of the best for them going forward, great sailing guys.


This regatta was the light air special. Three days with nothing really approaching ten mph. So you had to work hard and stay focused, easier said then done.


They fleet was dominated by the young sailors in the top three spots but some older guys proved they still had it. Congrats to Andy Gratton and Jack Boatman.


The new up and comer maybe from Wawasee as we saw Emily Allen sail fast and consistant all weekend in hard conditions. Keep up the great work.


Big Thank You's.


The Wawasee Yacht Club

The Herdrich Family all of them

Everyone that helped from WYC

Last but not least Kenny Bolles who made it happen



2017 Nationals they are coming out of everywhere!!

You just never know who is going to show up so you better show up.


Ok this was damn funny!

                      Who did it?

I20 Sailors win LOWISA 52 Regatta!

I20 sailors Aaron Lynn and Andy Gratton along with Matt Chritchley win three classes at the Lake of the Woods Sailing Association Regatta.  This is a week long event on Lake of the Woods in Canada.  Each day consists of a long distance race of around 20 miles requiring navigation skills to negotiate the thousands of islands on the Lake of the Woods.  The team won first place elapsed time, corrected time and also first in the layday regatta sailing an E scow.  Full results here:


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